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The three core strengths

Comprehensive strength

KR comprehensive strength

Automotive solution for 10 years, and can according to customer's actual situation, create and competitive products
To provide customers with a complete set of solutions including automotive control system, car beauty, car modification scheme, etc
Precision level components each of the attached inspection report
International well-known brand agent, the product quality guaranteed

strongProfessional power

Strong professional strength

Ten years, products and technologies are widely used in precision machinery parts, industrial automation products;
Audi, mercedes-benz and Cadillac brands, BMW
Has a group of experienced technical installation team

perfectService system

Perfect service system

Using industry, the customer manager system according to the customer by sector, the scheduling of service team has its own large-scale warehouse, long-term cooperation of professional logistics partner, shorten the delivery time

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About Us

  KeRui co., LTD. Guangzhou KeRui technology co., LTD from Taiwan CSK brand, specializing in the production of precision linear motion series of products, and by a group of specialists in precise transmission of the original field of research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance, with senior experience and strength of the technical team in Taiwan.We introduce the foreign advanced precision equipment and technology, can walk to mass produce precision less than 0.003 mm of precision linear guide and ball screw is one of the qualified manufacturers.Products are widely used in precision machine tools, semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, medical equipment and aerospace and other fields.Dongguan so-and-so, can walk to



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